Madam, sir, aalborg-sports is with you !

Rental and skis on the track - 8:30 / 18:00 - 7/7 ..... Open from December 1st to April 30th

Complete adult pack red snowboard


bouton3aIntermediate level skiers.

Board Burton_Feather

The brands of skis Blackhole allow all skiers to rediscover the joys of snow.

This wide selection of skis allows each skier to find the skis with which he/she will find the greatest pleasure on the slopes Deux Alpes with the aalborg-sports.

Boots salomon_savage

The brands of shoes Blackhole and Salomon allow to offer skiers for a reasonable price an excellent comfort.

The adjustments we make on these boots allow us to offer to our customers the best compromise between comfort and technology.

Our boots are disinfected after each rental.

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