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banane Renting and storage of skis on the tracks, included in the price banane

Terms of rental and other services on

Martial DODE, performing under the name EURL SKI SERVICE
Headquarters :: 5 rue tête Moute, 2eme Sous-Sol, 38860 Les Deux Alpes, France
Entered in the Registry of Commerce and Companies Grenoble under the number :: 538 928 987 00014 crs grenoble
Head of publication :: Informacorse
Site Declaration to the CNIL under number : 2119175 v 0
Hosting :: Informacorse
For all questions, contact by email :: Contact
Contact by surface mail :: AALBORG-SPORTS - BP 69 - 38860 LES DEUX ALPES

Article 1
www.aalborg-sports.com Is administered to save the reservations of various types of equipment and other services for rental in our store in Deux Alpes.

Article 2
Different materials and other services offered on the web-site are described according to a type of classification as detailed on the pages of the site.
If the material is available to rent on the site and if the payment is made by credit card, renting is confirmed automatically, the customer receives confirmation by our banking partner.
Other forms of booking are made through surface mail.

Article 3
The customer's order is conducted through the following steps ::
- Step 1 : selection of the desired service in the area of the online commerce.
- Step 2 : completion of the required fields of the form, having value as purchase order.
- Step 3 : acceptance of the general conditions and the order by the technique of << single click >>.
- Step 4 : verification by the customer of his order and any modifications.
- Step 5 : confirmation by the client of his order.

Article 4
As from confirmation of the booking, the customer has a period of seven (7) days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to state any reasons or to pay any penalties pursuant to article L 121 - 20-2 1 of the Consumer Code.
However, in accordance with Article L 121-20-2 1 of the Consumer Code, the client may not exercise his right of withdrawal once he or she has accepted the leased articles and / or other services before the end of the seven days delay.

Article 5
le reglement des sommes dues a la reservation est effectue par carte bancaire au moyen d'un systeme de transmission securise, par 3D Secure Credit Agricole.
If payment is made by check, this check must be sent within eight (8) days following the booking.
Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled.

The method of payment currently available on the site is secure. It was established with the banking partner 3D Secure Credit Agricole and our IT Partner. Informacorse
Any payment by credit card initiates a systematic application of a credit card authorization procedure and any reject, regardless of its cause, involves the cancellation of the said order by the company EURL SKI SERVICE .

Article 6
Photographs and graphics are presented as a guide, they are not contractual. However, www.aalborg-sports.com commits itself to provide equal quality and technology equipment as the reserved category.

Article 7
Prices related to rented equipment and other services are listed on our site.
Prices are quoted in Euro and take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order.
The prices included in the scrolling proposals are promotions compared to general rates.
The prices, circled with gold and drawn in five colours (blue, red, black, grey and yellow) are non-permanent rates, subject to change according to fluctuations of competing offers.

The permanent and complete rates of our store are shown in the register « Rates ».
The applicable prices are those listed on the site at the time of confirmation of the order by the customer.
The rental price of material and / or other services is limited by a term, a category and a specific station, depending on the number of days of booking, an extra day is offered.
ATTENTION, this extra day is not available in the case of packaged offerings that include services other than the rental of equipment.

Article 8
Equipment and other booked services will be available for the indicated period in the rental shop at the address given in the confirmation.
Any complaint regarding the rented equipment and / or other services should be directed to this store by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within three working days after the end of the selected period.

Rates website are called "promotional".
This means that those are deemed firm and definitive on the product as well as on the duration.
These products will not be subject to any modification on site during the performance of the service; nor in time, neither in price nor in the delivery itself from the landlord as the client.

the lease is not subject to any refund, but may be subject to a credit for a later rental date

Article 9
The minimum charge goes to: 1 days of equipment + 5 euros of reconditioning.
(Please, insure you have the right equipment before leaving the shop.)
The material is deemed to be in good condition and fit for normal use. The customer is the sole judge of his or her ability to operate this equipment.
The rented equipment is under the responsibility of the customer as soon as he / she takes possession of it. He / she must take care of the equipment and ensure a normal leisure use with the exclusion of all competitions except the events organised by institutions approved by the rental shop.
The equipment is rented for the exclusive use of the customer and will never be loaned, leased or assigned to a third party.

Subject to the execution of the obligations under the contract, the client receives the following provisions, except in cases of fraud.
At the reception of the rented equipment in the shop, and according to the displayed terms, the customer can choose between two possibilities : ensure the rented equipment or not ensure the rented equipment.

1) Uninsured rented equipment ::
   The customer receives no coverage for any damage to the rented property and shall be personally liable for the aforementioned damages, whatever the causes may be.
   However, the client can not be held responsible for the consequences of latent defects of the rented equipment or inconspicuous wear that makes the equipment unfit for its intended use, as long as the proof of the said latent defects or wear can be made by the client. Proof of improper or improper use is established by the return of the equipment. From the first half-day rental: after this period the equipment change is billed to the customer.

2) Ensure the rented equipment « theft, break ».
   When taking possession of the equipment, the customer can subscribe an insurance that is payable in advance and billed according to the conditions displayed in this store.
   In this case, the hirer will abandon any recourse against the client and will support, under normal use, the full cost of repair or replacement after a deduction equivalent to the price of a lease of seven (7) days for a material identical to the rented equipment.
   The payment of this contribution will be in addition to the payment for the actual rental days.
   Cover is valid on equipment leased for a minimum period of five days.
   In case of breakage or theft guaranteed, this entitles new equipment that will in any case again guaranteed.

     A) Ensured material : Deduction
        80 € for children Pack snowboards and skis
        100 € for Blu Pack skis
        200 € for Red Pack skis and snowboard grownups
        350 € for Black Pack skis
        850 € for Grey Pack and Prestige
        200 € for City Pack and Family Pack, by equipment and person
        Billing of 15 € in case of breakage or theft of sticks
        Conditions applicable only for skis. The warranty does not apply to sticks and shoes.

     B) Uninsured equipment : Refund
        150 à 249 € for children Pack snowboards and skis
        200 à 350 € for Blu Pack skis and snowboard grownups
        350 à 500 € for Red Pack skis and snowboard grownups
        700 à 800 € for Black Pack skis
        700 à 1000 € for Grey Pack and Prestige
        650 € + for City Pack and Family Pack
        Outdatedness : -15% per year of material
        snowboard leash (15 €)

To allow the implementation of this guarantee, the customer must:
- in case of theft: present within 24 hours to the shop the original complaint for theft issued by the gendarmerie or police.
- In case of breakage: return the damaged equipment to the store aalborg-sports, and it must be recognisable and complete.
Loss and disappearance of the equipment are not covered. In these cases, the equipment will be charged to the customer based on the inclusive selling price of the equipment, less a percentage of outdatedness of 15% per year.
In case of theft by the client, misappropriation or any damage to the equipment resulting from failure to comply with the rules of use or regulations, or terms and conditions of this contract, Martial DODE is entitled to exercise a remedy for the entire loss.

Article 10
The cb footprint requested from the customer during the delivery of the equipment will be charged in case of loss, partial destruction (repairs) or total of the property, not taken into account by the guarantee offered in the store (see article 9).
The customer affixes his name, first name and signature, as well as the date, and expressly agrees to this Billing and its payment.
For the most expensive or the most exceptional equipment, a pre-authorization may be requested on the basis of the following amounts::
Red equipment: 600.00 euros
Black equipment: 800.00 euros

Article 11
Each rental period of the equipment can be adjusted through the customising « Multi-date ».
The rental period and / or any other service is set for the period indicated on the reservation, beginning the day at the opening of the rental shop and ending with its closure.
This period can, under no circumstances, be changed without the agreement of the rental shop.
If the customer reduces the rental period after the reception of the material, for any reason whatsoever, the settlement of the deposit and final payment of the balance of the rental price will not result in a refund.
The material must be removed on the planned day, any delay must be reported to the rental shop.
After a period of two days, the reservation is not cancelled, but the rental will be made with the best available material as to the reservation and the deposit amount if booked by post, this will be withheld by aalborg-sports.

Article 12
The material or equipment must be returned in good condition.
Failure to return the equipment could result in the establishment of a restitution procedure initiated against the client, the costs of which will be his responsibility, in addition to the price of the not returned equipment that will be charged VAT included at market value on the scheduled date of return.

Article 13
By choosing the option « cancellation insurance trip » (optional), the client has the option to waive the rental of equipment and / or other services provided he does so until the day before the due date by email to. Contact.
aalborg-sports will then refund the paid deposit, excluding fees, within 15 days of receipt of the request.
In case of failure to make known his intention to give up the lease within the period above mentioned, the amount paid will not be returned.

Article 14
The activation by the customer of the option « I accept the terms and conditions of rental and other services » is an acceptance of these terms and conditions and also a purchase order and constitutes an electronic signature which has, between the parties, the same value as a hand-written signature.

Article 15
Hypertext links to other sites than www.aalborg-sports.com may occur. shall not be liable in any capacity whatsoever, in case the content of sites visited by the user violate the laws and regulations.

Article 16
The information requested by www.aalborg-sports.com are all required to process the order.
The client has a right to access, modify, change or delete data concerning him, by writing to aalborg-sports ::
Contact by email :: Contact
Contact by surface mail :: AALBORG-SPORTS   -   BP 69   -   38860 LES DEUX ALPES

Article 17
The binding version of the terms and conditions is the one that was available on the site at the time of confirmation of the order by the customer.
The terms and conditions contained on the online web-site www.aalborg-sports.com have precedence over all printed versions of earlier dates.
The general conditions are subject to change at any time by aalborg-sports.
The different versions of the General Conditions are filed by Martial DODE.

Article 18
Transactions are conducted in French (translations into other languages have only indicative value).
This contract is subject to French laws, and transactions are made in € (euros).

Made in Deux Alpes the :: 01-07-2009